Blogging 101

For beginner and seasoned writers alike, this online class is well worth the time and effort… so far.

Today’s assignment requires me to visit a specific page filled with daily topic prompts to stimulate a blog entry. While I may be too literal to find a figuratively acquired topic from the text presented, I did cycle through the ideas until I got to one headlined “Toot Your Own Horn.”

Self-deprecation was a hallmark of this blog in its previous incarnation and pointing out my lack of skills in developing company profits by which I will retire still feature prominently, there is a bit of hubris involved in placing words on a screen – one after another – in such a manner as to believe they are interesting enough to be read. My statistics prove my lack of skill in this area as well. However, I choose to blame that on poor marketing. I’m not read because nobody knows I wrote. Still, I endure.

Again hubris is involved when assuming I’m worth reading in the sea of text available from better writers… professional writers… writers who understand the science behind the strings of words. Still, I endure.

It has been suggested I write better than I speak, which should make me cringe each time I open my mouth, yet I simply take it as impetus to place words together on a page rather than record them in video. Occasionally, I do construct a line of careful craftsmanship and place it miraculously within other lines as to evoke a mood altering image or emotional connection. These fleeting, nearly accidental combinations keep me trying. Perhaps one day I’ll be the thesis of some Master’s student studying contemporary literature in the early digital age. Or perhaps I’ll be in grammar texts as to what not do written for grammar school children.

Either way – immortality awaits!

NAKd Example

Far too often we tend to get caught up in what we are “supposed” to be. While being accepted by the society in which we live is vital to survival and the classic Freudian Ego struggles against such conformity at the expense of our own desires shapes our personalities, this is not the end of the conversation.

Yes, we have decided rudeness is unacceptable and doing as we please when we please smacks up against limitations set as polite. Yes, the odd one is more often shunned than understood. And yes, one tends to find more happiness in giving than receiving.

However, there are situations in which “they” be damned for unreasonable proscriptions. It seems sexuality, gender assignment, and nudity are three dominating my awareness lately.

As a company and personally, I see no reason to admonish a sissy lumberjack with a wife and a husband who’d rather work nude. Nor is there a problem with the furry butch lumberjack with a wife of plain countenance who’s happy with the pattern of his flannel shirt.

An essay promoted by ClothesFreeLife on Twitter introduced me to a blogger with little shared with the public. TheNaturistGuy wrote a short essay describing some of the highlights of his recent year. This man needs to be encouraged with praiseful song and thunderous applause to post more – to give us an accurate view into the true experiences of social nudity.

While we at applaud the nudity and his adventures in the socially nude subculture, it’s his openness and frank description of motivation and experiences which make him NAKd.


This post contains no pictures, no vulgarity, and nothing to offend nor corrupt the young. This post is a complaint – inspired by a complaint – in response to a complaint.

This series of essays is meant for this company’s audience. Originally it was a journal of personal musings for those who would happen across its digital journey within the servers of the internet. However, we have redesigned its layout, scope, and mission to be more professional… or something attempting professionalism.

All companies have policies to protect their ability to provide goods and services to as many potential customers as possible. WordPress is no exception; they have many bytes of text listing their intentions in the Terms of Use format none of us read anymore. One such is an ability to modify one’s experience to exclude unwanted content and it is beholden upon the creator to recognize what would be unwanted by the majority.

So, this post is a warning! is a company dedicated to men. ADULT men, as is redundant since children of the male gender are referred to as BOYS. Our content is meant for MEN. Our content is primarily created by MEN, is edited by MEN, and is designed to be appreciated as only MEN can.

When moves out of the digital realm and begins its life as a “brick & mortar” entity we will then begin to deal with women and children as part of our customer base while the digital life of the company will inevitably continue as a purely MALE experience.

To us, this is plain. Aside from the occasional bits of content either created or featuring WOMEN (again, not GIRLS) there are no indications our goods nor services were ever meant to be experienced by those of the female gender. (Trans/poly-sexuals blur this delineation, but that’s another post.) We suspect most WOMEN would find our company stereotypical and possibly “silly.” This is not to say we exclude women. Nay, we value their contributions as yet another voice in our mission of discovery. We do, however, exclude children in every appropriate manner.

In response to this inspiring complaint, we have now notified the proper authorities of this company’s intentions. We have marked this collection of essays as “mature” thereby removing its appearance from many avenues of discovery. This limitation to our marketing ability is not appreciated, yet to protect the privilege of parents around the world in their choice to neglect an ethical education for their children, relieve them of any responsibility of internet access oversight, as well as comply with the policies of this host; we have taken the necessary steps.

We feel this may perhaps be shameful in the end as many people, regardless of gender or age, could benefit from our message as stated in the Mission Statement in the right-side panel. This is why we exist – to have a conversation about topics often overlooked in Western society, the definition of MALE.


My work schedule doesn’t leave a lot of free time to leisure, chore, nor advance the success of our company so I don’t have to go to work. A paradox I’ve yet to riddle.

We are now half-way through the shortest month of the year, and yet I’ve done seemingly little with the preparation of March’s issue. Paul says he’s been hard at work, yet I’ve done nothing to bring my self up-to-date. This is not to say we’ve done no work!

We did sit down and start to decide on a timeline for each month. We tend to be procrastinators and that tends to make the last two weeks of the month hectic. We also seem to have capped out our audience and need to find new ways to keep expanding, so an advertising strategy is in order… all while trying to keep in agreement on the vision/purpose/mission of the company.

So while we are enjoying the slower pace of these winter days (and wishing for heat), is still making plans, laying out magazine issues, and coming up with interesting ad content to keep people sharing us with friends.

Meanwhile, a little Stephen Colbert to make you smile:

New Look!

What do you think? We updated the site, added a few things, changed some others, and got rid of the tedium. From now on we will use this site to keep you informed of our boring lives, the interesting things our readers add to the magazine, and some interesting stuff we might like to share with you that other – smarter – people may have said… or we might just make it all up and attempt entertainment.

Be aware, every once in a while, our dog likes to sleep on the laptop keyboard and may end up posting herself. So, if you read something actually entertaining, it’s probably from her.